Greetings From Freehold, NJ


Anyone who knows me knows that Bruce Springsteen’s music has been a major part of my life. Ever since my awesome Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy took me to my first Bruce concert in August of 1985 at Philadelphia’s Vet Stadium, I was hooked. Born the Run was the first album I played in the car on the day that I got my driver’s license. My 1999 summer vacation consisted of seeing 12 Bruce concerts at The Meadowlands (thanks to my equally awesome Aunt Lil and Uncle Steve, who let me crash at their house during the run of shows). When I proposed to my wife, “I Wanna Marry You” was on the turntable. I could provide many more examples of Bruce’s music as the soundtrack to my life, but these are just a sampling of the biggest ones.

Thirty-one years and over 100 Bruce concerts later, I finally experienced the magical moment above in Bruce’s hometown, Freehold, New Jersey at the local Barnes and Noble. It’s a moment that might never have happened if not for my Aunt Kathy’s text informing me she found out that Bruce would be making this appearance in support of his autobiography, Born To Run, released today. Thanks to her, I have the photo above to cherish for the rest of my life along with the beautifully autographed edition of the book pictured below. Bruce fans love to cite his song lyrics “faith will be rewarded.” For me and about 2,000 other fans today, that was truer than ever. Thank you, Bruce, for taking the time to do this. Thanks also to the amazing staff at the Freehold Barnes and Noble for all of your hard work. The event was superbly organized and extremely well run. I have never been to a high-profile celebrity appearance that was run so well. I might have been born to run, but after finally catching up to Bruce, I’m ready to stop running  — at least for a little bit — and just savor the moment. Thanks Bruce!



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