Meeting The Revolution in Atlantic City, NJ, August 11, 2017

On November 24, 1984 I attended my very first concert, Prince & The Revolution at The Philadelphia Spectrum. All of Prince’s music has become a major part of my life over the last 33 years, but the music that The Revolution created with Prince remains my favorite recordings of his career. He had a special bond with The Revolution that in my opinion was never equaled in later years. Prince and The Revolution shared a unique chemistry and bond that would never be matched again. These five musicians — Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman, Brownmark, Bobby Z, and Doctor Fink — are and will always be my Beatles, and last night in Atlantic City I personally got to tell each one of them this. Freezing a moment in time with your musical heroes is a precious, amazing opportunity. The smile on my face in the photo below shows how much this moment meant to me, more so than any words I could possibly combine to describe my emotions when I met and spoke with all five band members. They were gracious, funny, humble and genuine. I finally got to meet my Beatles, and I will never forget it.