Max Weinberg’s Jukebox at The Landis Theater, Vineland, NJ, 11/18/17


Max Weinberg’s Jukebox, a great band featuring E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg and members of The Weeklings, brought their show to The Landis Theater in Vineland, New Jersey tonight. The show featured a scrolling video screen listing various rock classics to choose from. The audience chose songs from the list and the band played them. Some of my favorite performances of the evening included Jackson Browne’s “Doctor My Eyes”, The Band’s “The Weight”, Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up”, and The Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated”. It was amazing to watch Max switch gears from one song style to the next. His versatility as a drummer never ceases to amaze me.

Max has been offering a Meet & Greet package that includes an autographed drum head and the opportunity to have your picture taken with him. During the Meet & Greet, he was extremely generous with his time, spending at least half an hour talking with a small group of fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, and sharing stories from throughout his career. He went above and beyond making it an experience I’ll never forget. It was an amazing night and I crossed one more item off my bucket list. I have finally met Mighty Max!

Mighty Max 11-18-17


Some fans had the opportunity to join Max on stage for the closing number, “Glory Days”. Here’s a brief clip:


2 thoughts on “Max Weinberg’s Jukebox at The Landis Theater, Vineland, NJ, 11/18/17

  1. Nice summary of the Max show, Chuck. I was the guy you were talking to before the show and at the meet and greet. I’ve been reading a few of your other posts and your summary of your trip to BOB was great. I was also interested to see that your first Bruce show was at the same Veterans Stadium stand as my first show… I was at the first of those shows. Anyway, nice blog and it was a good time on Saturday. Take care.

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