Prince Estate Releases Alternate Version of the Song “Forever In My Life”

The Prince estate has released another track from the upcoming Sign ‘O’ The Times Super Deluxe Edition box set. The estate refers to this version as an “Early Vocal Studio Run-Through” but that description is wildly inaccurate. You would think that with a title like that, it would simply be a rough take of Prince’s vocal guide over a background of the beat that we’re familiar with from the original version from the Sign ‘O’ The Times album, but this version is in reality exponentially more than that. This version not only features a fully developed vocal, but a funky acoustic guitar, bass, and beautiful background vocals by Prince. You’ll of course decide for yourself which version you like better, but in my opinion this newly released version blows away the original album version. I find it more soulful, funky and uplifting than the version we’ve all heard before. You can hear the newly released version below.