“Blinded by the Light” Movie Premiere in Asbury Park, NJ August 7, 2019

It was a magical night in Asbury Park, NJ. After scoring tickets with the help of Backstreets.com and 1iota.com, my aunt and I made the trip to Asbury Park for the Blinded By The Light red carpet premiere and party. Thunderstorms were in the forecast, but the rock & roll gods kept the rain away until after the fans waiting outside made their way into Convention Hall.

It was a thrill experiencing the movie in a theatre packed with Springsteen fans who cheered at all the right moments. Watching the film in the same room as Bruce and those who made the film was a once-in-a-lifetime joy that I’ll never forget. The movie isn’t just about a young man who discovers Bruce’s music, it’s about finding a sense of belonging in the world and pushing forward to live your own best life while still trying to hold onto your family and those you love despite all of the obstacles in your way. Most timely of all, it’s about rising above hatred, and how music can bring people together and change the world.

In addition to the film’s director, the author whose book the film is based on, and many of the actors, Bruce himself walked the red carpet with his wife, Patti, and later played four songs with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes at the after party at Convention Hall. Just like Southside’s song says, at the end of the night I found myself saying “I Don’t Want To Go Home.”

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