Song of the Day: “My Ever Changing Moods” by The Style Council

Every once in a while I stumble upon an eighties song that I somehow neglected to appreciate at the time. I recently rediscovered the song “My Ever Changing Moods” by The Style Council. Originally released as a single, then as a 12-inch single in a longer version, and then again in a stripped-down, piano-and-vocal-only version on their album Cafe Bleu, “My Ever Changing Moods” could easily be on the list of greatest soulful pop songs in history.

What’s truly amazing about this song is how beautiful it sounds across multiple arrangements. Take some time and listen to the four versions below and behold the magic of this Paul Weller composition.

Original single version:

12-inch single version:

Version from the album Cafe Bleu:

2021 orchestral version by Paul Weller accompanied by Jules Buckley and the BBC Symphony Orchestra:


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